Nutrition Information Articles

As a healthcare professional I understand the importance of reinforcing healthy practices and can provide your company with nutrition information on an on-going basis. These 'Nutrition Notes' can be sent to employees via emails, newsletters or desk drops. On-going nutrition education helps to empower employees to make improved food choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Specific topics can be addressed according to your company's specific requirements.
Wellness Day Nutrition Stands

Nutrition stands offer employees the opportunity to engage with a registered dietitian and receive valuable nutritional information to improve current dietary behaviours. Wellness day nutrition stands can be adjusted to suite each specific company's requirements. Informational pamphlets can be made available to employees. An interactive talk or food/smoothie demonstration is quite popular.

Executive Consulting

I am able to provide private consultation to top executives with the executive health program. Consultations will be set up to complete necessary assessments, nutrition education, meal plan and menu provision. Monitoring consultations can be done in person, via skype or email, to suite the executive's busy schedule.
Interactive Nutrition Presentations

Interactive nutrition presentations that focus on improving health and wellness by changing dietary and lifestyle behaviours can be presented to employees, schools or church groups in group sessions. These presentations are adjusted to meet specific requirements. Medical nutrition presentations that focus on health related topics can be presented to employees as per your requirements to address specific conditions and provide appropriate nutrition intervention strategies.

During the Interactive Nutrition Education Presentation I will assist individuals to identify problematic areas within their current dietary practices. I can provide practical solutions that they can implement to start making changes immediately. To discuss a suitable topic for your company please contact me.

Vitality Nutritional Assessments

Sonelle is a vitality network dietician. Earn up to 10 000 points: 5 000 for your first consultation, 2 500 for the second and 2 500 for the third follow up. Come find out more about your health, how to improve it and ultimately to enjoy the benefits!

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